I am the Rational Millennial, and according to Social Jusice Warriors, I’m also a Thought Criminal. Despite being a millennial college student, I am a conservative who believes in freedom of thought and personal liberty above all else.

I grew up talking politics around the dinner table and as early as high school, developed a passion for free market economics. In an attempt to shield myself from the scrutiny of my peers, I stayed quiet for years. However, the pressure built, and I’m about to explode.

I live and breathe politics. I live and breathe freedom and value it and all the messiness that comes along with it. I know there are costs to freedom—and I will discuss those as well—, but I also know that there is a much heftier cost to no freedom. I believe in small government and the Invisible Hand. Most importantly, I believe in America, and that is why I can’t stay quiet anymore.

Take that, Thought Police.