This is the life story of a young conservative.

We grew up when female superheroes were all the rage, black kids and white kids playing hand-in-hand on the playground was not only normal but encouraged, having a gay best friend made you the coolest kid in school, and anti-Semitism was the greatest evil someone could commit (rightfully so).

But then we went to college, and we were taught by the people who were supposed to foster our intellectual growth that we were oppressing people by virtue of our ancestry. By virtue of our mere existence, we were oppressing our peers, who were all afforded every single freedom we were.

The young conservatives – we’re the ones who stopped buying it.

The Left still likes to think of itself as “liberal,” but they’ve perverted the word, which means “free” by the way. It’s apparently 1984, and freedom means slavery and individualism means dying your hair all the colors of the rainbow and piercing your nose while you preach a collectivist ideology. The Left still likes to think of itself as the liberal counterculture that it was in the 1960s.

But they’re wrong.

The Left has dominated Hollywood, the press and university campuses for the past 40 years.

Point me to one TV show that pushes a conservative agenda (if you can even find one), and I’ll point you to 50 pushing a progressive one.

The New York Times and CNN still like to think of themselves as unbiased news sources, but nobody believes them anymore when they claim objectivity.

The state-sponsored educators on our university campuses have acquiesced to students’ demands to shut down dissenting viewpoints. “Safe spaces” are rooms or buildings on college campuses where [leftist] students can go to be “safe” from debate (A.K.A. thought).

Get this through your heads: You’re not the counterculture. You’re not oppressed. You are the mainstream. You are the establishment.

In the 1960s and 70s, the Religious Right protested rock and roll. “You’ve offended me, and I have rights!” they cried. It seems history is doomed to repeat itself, the same ideologies resurfacing under the guise of something new. “You’ve offended me, and I have rights!” the third-wave feminists cry, none of them having even the slightest grasp on the actual concept of natural rights.

We’re Nazis? Because we believe in limited government, constitutionalism and capitalism (all things real Nazis hate, by the way)? We’re “the American Taliban?”

We stopped buying it.

We aren’t the Religious Right of the 60s and 70s. We are the free-speech activists. We are the freedom fighters. We are the counterculture.

We like when people like Steven Crowder offend us. The first time I listened to him, I was offended, but then I realized I should get over myself.

We like when Milo Yiannopoulos offends feminists. Half the time he opens his loud mouth, he’s joking, but you people lose your minds over it.

We cheer Lauren Southern on when she wears a helmet with a MAGA sticker on it to venture into the riots in Berkeley unarmed as the “anti-fascists” chuck explosives at her.

We adore it when Ben Shapiro annihilates lefties in Q&As on college campuses (that is, if they don’t riot before he walks through the front door). After all, according to the administration at Cal State University, he’s an alt-right neo-Nazi, and Nazis deserve to be punched. Of course, in reality, he’s an Orthodox Jew, but that’s beside the point.

We’re all Nazis! Haven’t you heard?

We stopped buying it.

That’s the very reason Crowder dresses up as Hitler, and the 14-year-old trolls in the comments section say, “Heil Hitler!” They aren’t being serious. They aren’t Nazis. Believe it or not, the patriotic 14-year-old Americans are not members of a political party in Germany from the 1930s that Americans defeated. In fact, those “Nazis” probably support Israel more than you do.

You call them Nazis for some arcane, ambiguous reason, so they give you exactly what you’re looking for. They try to offend you. They’ve trolled you into believing that a frog is a symbol of white supremacy. Stop giving them bait and they’ll go away, you idiots.

Every time you shut one of us down, you add 100 members to Milo’s troll army.

We only exist as trolls as long as you don’t let us exist in any other form. We only exist as long as long as you keep creating us.

Are you triggered?

Congratulations. That was my goal.





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