Today, I made an appearance on USA Radio Trending Today with Rusty Humphries to discuss the popularity of Bernie Sanders amongst millennials.

A 2016 Harvard University study found that 51% of millennials do not support capitalism, and a recent study from VOC and YouGov found that 45% of 16-to-20-year-olds said they would vote for a socialist, 21% for a communist.

On the show today, Rusty asked me how we can change their minds.

That’s when it hit me. The only way to change young socialists’ minds is through shattering the socialist dream.

Calling himself a “democratic socialist,” condemning greedy millionaires, and promising free college, millennials adored Bernie Sanders in the presidential primaries. Most of them will admit that, sure, he might have never taken economics 101, but at least he’s a good guy. At least he’s genuine! At least he wants to take on the establishment!



You’re not anti-establishment if you want to make the establishment bigger. You’re not anti-establishment if you don’t mind the establishment, so long as you’re in it. You’re not anti-establishment if you earned your million-dollar fortune at the expense of the taxpayer.

Young socialists who berate capitalism are convinced that “democratic socialism” is a new, “progressive” idea.

It’s not.

The entire original philosophy behind socialism was a more “democratic” control over the means of production. Putting the word “democratic” in front of something doesn’t make said thing any better. Just because you vote to take someone else’s money doesn’t make it not theft.

Bernie’s philosophy—the idea that we have to legislate equality of outcome, the idea that government is a tool which we should use to coerce subjective morality—is an idea that contributed to the deaths of one hundred million people in the last century alone.

So it’s time to shatter the socialist dream.

For those of you who think Bernie is a nice guy, a generous guy, and socialism is about caring for the poor…

In 2014, Bernie Sanders, the six-figure socialist with three houses, gave a grand total of $8,000 to charity.

While Bernie was preaching to you about how it’s evil for millionaires to get tax breaks, he and his wife were taking $60,208 in deductions from their taxable income.

Bernie Sanders pays a tax rate half that of the millionaires and billionaires he condemns. In 2014, he and his wife actually paid a lower federal income tax rate than the average rate couples in the same tax bracket pay.

Does it not bother you the slightest bit that Bernie Sanders owns three homes and yet still preaches to us about greed?

He constantly says that America has the worst track record, out of all the countries in the world, when it comes to pumping money into welfare programs, while ignoring the fact that Americans give about the same in private charity every year as the entire GDPs of the welfare-states in Europe that he praises.

Hint: Capitalism creates wealth. Socialism only steals it.

If I start a business, if I create a product that consumers are enthusiastic about buying, I’m greedy. By contributing to the world, by creating value and wealth, I’ve somehow stolen from it. But Bernie Sanders—the man who bought three homes with money he didn’t create but instead that the government took forcibly from you—is somehow generous? He’s the hero?

As Milton Friedman once said, “Is it really true that political self-interest is nobler somehow than economic self-interest?”

Bernie Sanders is not the wonderful, virtuous, genuine person he claims to be in order to buy your vote. He’s not anti-establishment. His ideas are not new. Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite who lives his lavish lifestyle literally at the expense of you.

Wake up, millennials. Socialism isn’t generosity. Socialism is a dream, a bloody dream that at the end of the day, can only be accomplished at the point of a gun.

Socialism isn’t compassion. It’s compulsion.

Watch my full segment on the Rusty Humphries Show here:

6 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders and the Hypocrisy of Socialism

  1. Despite his past, he’s not even a democratic socialist as he claims. His policies reflect that of a social democrat, which is still within the “sphere” of capitalism. The USA Socialist Party doesn’t even consider him one. Interesting read though!


    1. Interesting read! Here’s where I part ways- Just because you vote an overreaching government into power doesn’t make said government legitimate. Voting to take someone else’s money, while it sounds noble and “democratic,” really isn’t. It’s still theft. And just because the vote was peaceful, the laws requiring you to fork over your own hard-earned money will still have to be enforced at the point of a gun.


      1. I’m not sure what that first comment has to do with the above but I’ll entertain the thought. I thought you were a “rational millennial”? Or is that just a term you’re trying to imply as right wing libertarian? Any rational person who has done research into Bernie Sanders knows that he’s not trying to simply “take your money” Robin Hood style. A quote about this logical fallacy: “No one is spending “other people’s money”, so I can only conclude the person saying this doesn’t understand socialism. “Means of production, distribution, and exchange” is the key phrase here. That doesn’t mean everyone’s wealth is redistributed, Robin Hood style – it means that the factories and corporations that provide goods and services to society are publicly owned and regulated. This isn’t too dissimilar from a public stock exchange.”

        While I don’t align myself as a socialist, I do think that above disproves the logical fallacy. If it doesn’t, I’d be more than happy to write a whole article on it. Not to mention that taxation is protected by the Constitution (Art I Section 8.1, Art I Section 2.3, and the 16th Amendment). If you want to play into the “taxation is theft” narrative, you should look into how much the economic rules are skewed in the favor of the wealthy in the form of corporate welfare (which costs the taxpayer more than social welfare) and corporate privilege. Also look into the fact that many corporations pay less taxes than we do.


      2. This is the section I was referring to in my response: “The word “democratic” is fundamental here, because historically socialism has not, typically, come about as a result of free and fair elections. In most socialist countries, like the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic where your humble author was born, socialism was imposed at the point of a gun.”
        All laws are enforced at the point of a gun. Lawmakers better be sure their laws are worth a life.
        As for the Whistling In the Wind article: “The money the market happens to throw at you is not necessarily the money you deserve.” Yes. Yes it is. If you create a product that people are willing to buy and you earn millions and create millions of jobs, it is yours. That wealth would not have existed without you.
        As for corporate welfare, libertarians don’t support corporate welfare, if by that you actually mean subsidies. If you mean letting them keep their own money, then that’s a different story. Again, it’s their money.


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