The lovely girl in front of me flicked off the screen every time Donald Trump spoke. Then, every time Hillary Clinton mentioned the fact that she was a woman, the girl, sitting with her feet on her chair, would throw her hands in the air, screeching and clapping her hands together like a seal. I would say it was unladylike, but that’s politically incorrect.

“Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigot,” the girl said after the floor was opened up for a student debate, arguing on behalf of her candidate-of-choice, Hillary Clinton (if that wasn’t already obvious).

“Donald Trump has no experience in politics. Hillary knows what she’s doing,” a young man said.

“I’d like to vote for a candidate who doesn’t want to oppress minorities, the LGBTQ community, hispanic people, black people, and women,” another girl said with a huge round of applause to follow.

I’d like to offer you a few responses to nearly every single pro-Hillary argument you’ve ever heard, namely those about you being sexist if you oppose her. Here’s a hint: That’s not true.

“Hillary Clinton has experience.”

As Donald Trump rightly pointed out in the first Presidential Debate of 2016, Hillary has experience, yes. There’s no doubt about that. She and her husband have been clawing their way up the political ladder since the 1970s. However, Trump was also right about the second half of his statement: All of her “experience” is “bad experience.”

Her decisions as secretary of state were largely influenced by foreign governments, foreign businesses, and yes, Wall Street, which all either paid Bill a few hundred thousand dollars to give a quick speech and/or contributed hefty multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation.

I know Donald Trump, for some reason, was completely incapable of naming any countries on earth other than Mexico and China the other night, but it would serve him well in future debates to point out the fact that the Clintons have taken money from the governments of Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many more.

Clinton corruption stretches as far back in time as 1978 with the birth of the Whitewater Controversy and subsequently, Filegate, Travelgate, and various other scandals since.

If you’d like to know some more in-detail information about Clinton corruption, click here.

“Hillary Clinton cares about women.”

Although she took it down after possibly recognizing the irony, Hillary Clinton’s campaign website used to proudly say, “All victims of rape and sexual assault have a right to be heard and believed.”

One word: HA!

As early as 1969, long before he was in the public eye, Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault. Here’s a nice list of all the women who have accused him of sexual assault…and yes, actual rape:

  • Eileen Wellstone (sexual assault, 1969)
  • 22-year-old Yale Student (sexual assault, 1972)
  • University of Arkansas Student (sexual assault, 1974)
  • Juanita Broaddrick (rape, 1978)
  • Sandra Allen James (sexual assault, 1991)
  • Christy Zercher (sexual assault, 1992)
  • Kathleen Wiley (sexual assault, 1993)

There’s also another long list of all those who have filed sexual harassment or character assassination claims against Bill Clinton.

When the scandals came out in the 1990s, the Clintons hired private investigators to discredit the “bimbos,” as Clinton herself called them.

In the 1970s, Hillary defended a child rapist, using the argument that the young girl had “tendencies to seek out older men.” There was overwhelming evidence he was guilty. In a later interview, she said, “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.” Then she laughed.

“All victims of rape and sexual assault have a right to be heard and believed.” Oh, the irony.

“Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigot.”

One, there’s no such thing as Islamophobia. A phobia is, by definition, an irrational fear. It’s not irrational if it’s statistically true.

Oh yeah, and as for that racist birtherism stuff, Clinton’s campaign started those rumors in 2008, but the Mainstream Media Complex brushed that fact under the rug and blamed Donald Trump for repeating them instead of the Clinton campaign for starting them. Oh yeah, and I know you think it’s racist to want your country to have an actual border, so you should know that Bill Clinton advocated for harsh immigration control in the 1990s before it became politically incorrect.

Homophobic? Hillary Clinton didn’t support gay marriage until about five minutes ago when she realized it had become essential to garnering Democrat votes.

“Republicans are wildly anti-woman.” I know you’ve heard that one before, whether it was from your college peers or the supposedly unbiased journalists over at CNN. But I think we’ve established the fact that the only woman Hillary Clinton cares about is herself.

I know Hillary really likes to talk about how great it is that she’s a woman and that we have to elect a woman to prove that America isn’t a deeply sexist place. But believe it or not, I didn’t need to see Hillary Clinton become president to know that I, an American woman, could grow up to be a doctor one day. Those women in Saudi Arabia—all the women in Kazakhstan, Nigeria, the DRC, and all the other places the Clintons have taken money from—, however, will never grow up thinking they can be doctors because their governments, unlike ours, do not give them the freedom of choice to do so.

So, if you meet an angry Hillary supporter who hates Donald Trump because he’s mean, here are a few responses that you can feel free to use…

If you care more about getting your “free” birth control here in America than you care about those women who are denied actual human rights in the countries the Clintons take money from, then fine. Vote for your first female president.

If you care more about Donald Trump saying some mean words than you care about ridding the political system of a 30-year reign of corruption and cronyism, then fine. Vote for your first female president.

If you care more about stopping Donald Trump from entering the White House because he offended some people than you care about stopping Bill Clinton from entering the White House because he’s been accused of rape, then fine. Vote for your first female president.

If you care more about big government entitlements than you care about the world being run by bureaucrats, crony politicians, and war lords, be my guest. Vote for your first female president.

Here she is. Hillary Rodham Clinton: America’s first female president, a woman laced in scandal, corruption, and the Wall Street corporate greed that Leftists all pretend to hate while their candidates get endorsed by Wall Street Monsters at a ratio of 10:1. What a legacy.


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