“Hillary has experience in politics.”

For those of you who still think this is an actual argument, I’d like to play a little game with you that conservatives like to play with Hillary fans. It’s called Name An Accomplishment. Go ahead. Try. Without googling “Hillary Clinton accomplishments.” Think. Nothing? Oh, you’ve got one…

“She did a good job as secretary of state.”

She got four people killed as secretary of state. Nice try. Next.

Can’t think of any without Google’s help? Okay, we’ll move on.

Our country’s leaders weren’t intended to have political experience. They weren’t supposed to be career politicians. They weren’t supposed to spend 30 years of their lives in the public sector. Our founders intended this country’s leaders to be private sector citizens who served their terms in office and then returned to their lives as doctors or lawyers or businessmen. What did you think “citizen government” meant? It means what it says it means: a government for, by, and of the people.

Despite what their multi-million dollar ads say, the Clintons are not “the people.” The Clintons have spent the past 30 years in public office. They are engulfed in scandals and corruption, taking millions from foreign governments and big business and then immediately adjusting public policy in their donors’ favors, everywhere from Arkansas to Kazakhstan.

At the first Presidential Debate of 2016, Donald Trump pointed out that although Hillary has experience, it’s all “bad experience.” He was right. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know Hillary Clinton’s “experience” in politics…

1. Whitewater, Travelgate, and Filegate

The Whitewater Controversy, a scandal that broke out into the public eye in the 1990s, began in 1978. Before Bill Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas, the Clintons and their friends, the McDougals, formed a company called the Whitewater Development Corporation. James McDougal loaned Hillary Clinton $30,000 to build a house on the Whitewater property. In 1982 when Bill was reelected, McDougal bought a savings and loans company called Madison Guaranty, which authorities later questioned for insider-lending and heavy commissions for him and his friends. Eventually, he sought representation at Rose Law Firm, where Hillary was a partner. A witness later said that Hillary tried to destroy the Whitewater files.

In the White House in 1993, seven travel office employees were fired, and the Clintons replaced them with their friends, allies, and loyalists. When in a big-government political environment only those with close ties to politicians can succeed, that’s called cronyism. This controversy was the FBI-investigated scandal known as Travelgate.

“Trump not turning over his tax returns is just as bad as Hillary not turning over her emails.” You want to talk about tax returns so bad? Fine. Let’s talk about the Whitewater tax returns.

In June 1993, Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster filed three years of faulty Whitewater tax returns. A month later, Foster was found dead. It was ruled a suicide. However, suspicion and conspiracy theories arose because federal investigators were not allowed into Foster’s office immediately after discovery, but White House aides (the Clinton cronies) conveniently were.

There are plenty of other scandals centered around 1990s era Clinton corruption that you can easily find if you did deeper than the New York Times editorial page. Feel free to do some research. *Hint: Don’t listen to the Mainstream Media Complex—Doing anything to protect the Clintons since 1992!

2. Clinton Ties to Foreign Billionaires and Governments

During Bill Clinton’s final days in office, he used his presidential pardoning power to pardon billionaire fugitive Marc Rich, something even the Hillary-endorsing New York Times called “a shocking abuse of presidential power.” Rich—an oil trader who had been indicted for tax evasion, striking illegal oil deals with Iran, and various other charges—had fled the country.

Right before the pardon, Rich’s wife had conveniently donated $100,000 to Hillary’s senate campaign, $450,000 to the Clinton Library, and a whopping $1 million to the Democratic Party. You wonder why the Democratic establishment is willing to do anything to get Hillary into office, including tear Bernie Sanders to shreds? That’s why. The Clintons are the establishment.

Even though Hillary Clinton likes to pretend Donald Trump is a Vladimir Putin wanna-be, the Clintons are the only ones with actual financial ties to the Russian government. Shocker!

Hillary Clinton And Michael Bloomberg Announce Partnerships To Close Gender Data Gaps

Over Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state, the Russian Nuclear Program, Rosatom, garnered control of 20% of the uranium supply on United States soil. How did this happen, you ask? A coincidence? Nope. Try again. You suck at Name An Accomplishment. Canadian financial records show that as the Russian Uranium Deal was being negotiated under several federal agencies—including Hillary’s State Department—cash conveniently flowed from the Russian government through subsidiary companies to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

These transactions, of course, were not displayed in the Foundation’s initial public disclosures, despite Secretary Clinton’s basically-void deal with President Obama to disclose all donors. Within the same time frame, Bill Clinton also received a hefty $500,000 speaking fee from a Moscow bank with ties to the Kremlin and a stake in its nuclear program.

3. Those pesky 30,000 deleted emails!

“Enough about the emails!”

If you’re a young conservative like me and you weren’t around for Whitewater, Chinagate, or any of the other Clinton scandals of the past 30 years, you might resort to the typical 2016 conservative talking points about Benghazi and Hillary’s emails. You then get the Leftist Bernie-Sanders-like response, “Nobody cares about the emails!”

Well, heads up. If you’re sick of hearing about the emails, it’s probably because you don’t know anything about the emails.

Here are the facts:

  • Hillary set up a private email server only days before she began her tenure as secretary of state.
  • The FBI found that the account was less secure than an average Gmail account.
  • Much like how Hillary once tried to destroy the Whitewater files at Rose Law Firm, Hillary’s lawyers destroyed her email server. She claims she wasn’t trying to hide anything and that her lawyers simply deleted 30,000 emails for no reason. However, the FBI confirmed that Clinton aides destroyed two of her devices by “breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.” Nothing suspicious about that! Nothing to see here! Move along!
  • During her interview with the FBI, Clinton was not placed under oath and therefore cannot be charged for perjury. FBI Director James Comey admitted that he had not gone through her interview to see if she had lied: “I did not have textual relations with that server.” However, there is an investigation into her lying under oath during the congressional Benghazi hearing.
  • Hillary said the deleted emails were all about her yoga plans and her daughter Chelsea’s wedding. The FBI said that at least 30 of the deleted emails were about Benghazi.
  • Hillary said she never sent or received any classified material on her private email server that were marked classified at the time they were sent. The FBI said that she sent or received at least 100 classified emails that were marked classified at the time they were sent.
  • The FBI did not recommend indictment but said that Clinton violated federal statute. Even Director Comey admitted that if any normal person, who was not an über-powerful-career-politician, committed these crimes, he or she would be prosecuted.

The reason the emails were destroyed was likely because they contained information about Benghazi, the crony Clinton Foundation, or maybe even some scandals as old as Whitewater.

If any of the above cronyism and “political experience” angers you, congratulations and welcome to the Republican Party! We advocate for individual freedoms, personal responsibility, and small government, and we do our absolute best to take away as much power possible from cronies like Bill and Hillary Clinton in order to hold our citizen government actually accountable to its citizens.

Hillary, of course, has brushed every single one of her scandals off as another “vast right-wing conspiracy.” It’s funny because that’s the same thing she said about Monica Lewinsky. I promise you, it wouldn’t be so easy to believe these “vast right-wing conspiracies” if they didn’t keep turning out to be true.


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