The Democratic National Convention was a plethora of voter pandering, delivered by Hollywood elitist celebrities to an audience of paid seat-fillers on a platform of corruption, scandal, and political deceit. Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton gave a heart-wrenchingly hopeful and ironically patriotic speech about how she—a woman! Can you believe it?—would be a champion for the poor, the LGBT community, and all women (despite the fact that she and her husband have made millions taking money from foreign governments that systematically oppress all of the above…but that’s beside the point). The most ridiculous platter of nonsense that was offered to the DNC audience was the idea that America was fine and Americans had no need to worry because we’re all fine and Democrats have now decided that they like America and America is the greatest country on earth and Donald Trump hates America but America is fine…so we should hand our guns over to the government because…did I mention America is fine?

On Thursday, the words of a crony politician led us to the absolute peak of irony. First, Mrs. Clinton spoon-fed us another political talking point. “I’m not here to take away your guns,” she said, “I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.” In other words, “I don’t want to take your guns away…but I want to take your guns away.”

Then, in order to paint her opponent, Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, as an oppressive imperialistic reincarnation of King George III, and herself as a revolutionary, Mrs. Clinton gave her listeners a history lesson on the American Revolution, even daring to revere the United States Constitution in front of an arena filled with social justice warriors who would like to see it rewritten. She said, “Our Founders fought a revolution and wrote a Constitution so America would never be a nation where one person had all the power.”

There’s just one problem, Hillary— How did we fight that revolution? Oh yeah, with guns. Oh, and that Constitution you pretend to hold in such high regard is what protects our right to bear arms so that we can stand up to tyranny should it ever arise again. Die-hard Democrats pretend to be terrified that Donald Trump is going to turn into an authoritarian dictator who abuses the powers of the government, military, and police force. Well, they must not be too scared because they still want the government to be in control of every gun. I, for one, see a disconnect.

The Second Amendment doesn’t just exist so that we can protect ourselves from criminals, those people “who shouldn’t have gun[s] in the first place.” In reality—and remember, Hillary Clinton is well aware of this—, it exists for a much nobler cause. While having the right to defend ourselves from every day civilian bad guys is a positive, the most important reason we have the right to bear arms is so that we can protect ourselves from bad guys with political power. We have guns to protect ourselves from an overarching centralized government. We have guns so that we have every bit of gun power that an oppressive government has or might accumulate one day. We have guns to ensure our freedom, which as our Founding Fathers knew, is never written in stone.

Every single authoritarian government has started its rise to power with disarming its citizens, and every single one of those governments has done it through a political revolution, using the talking point: “for the greater good.” Citizens abide, thinking this will lead to peace. Adolf Hitler called it peace. Joseph Stalin called it peace. The problem is that peace, world peace, is a dream. No amount of regulation or legislation will lead the world to peace. No amount of centralized government will lead the world to peace because human nature and the fact that humans are free will not allow it to. The closest we can get to peace and prosperity is not through centralizing power in the hands of a few politicians and bureaucrats, but through ensuring that all individuals are secured the basic right to liberty.

Even though she was lying through her teeth when she said it, Hillary Clinton was right: Our Constitution exists so that no one person ever has power over the people again. Not Hillary Clinton. Not Donald Trump. Not anyone. We might not need guns to fight an overstepping government today, but our descendants might one dayWe might one day. It’s not about standing up to a king anymore, but it is and always will be relevant. The Constitution and every part of it will always be essential to protecting freedom. Freedom from monarchy, freedom from oligarchy, freedom from big government. It exists to ensure our liberty. We have guns to ensure our liberty, and power-hungry politicians know it. The greatest threat to tyranny is a free-thinking rebel with a gun.


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