Dear Whoever Wrote This Insufferable Piece of Flaming Bulls**t,

Let’s start with establishing the fact that I am no Donald Trump fan. I can’t stand him, and the main reason I can’t stand him is because I’m not convinced he’s a conservative and pretty much think he’s just a politically incorrect big-government stooge. But let’s also get this straight: You are voting for Hillary Clinton for all the wrong reasons. Really, truly, deeply moronic reasons actually. Sorry. Did I offend you? I’ll just address a few of these moronic reasons because 1) I know I’m not going to change your mind and 2) most of them are too ridiculous to handle.

Union Rights: Unions were originally put in place to ensure that workers were treated fairly and humanely, but because they don’t operate in the free market and instead are government-regulated monopolies, they are now run by corrupt, big government bureaucrats. Companies are currently fleeing union states where their production costs are too high to stay afloat and moving their jobs to right-to-work states, where workers are not required, at point of the government’s gun, to join a union.

Department of Education: The idea that the Department of Education is the sole source of a good education is absolute nonsense. Since Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education in the late 1970s, federal spending on education has increased sixfold, and test scores have gone down. Nobody is anti-education. Conservatives believe that education on a federal level is driving up the cost of education and driving down the quality. Tell me, what makes you think taking the power to decide what will help a student in flyover county Wyoming out of the hands of that student’s parents and into the pocketbook of a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. is a good idea?

Minimum wage: Ineffective and inevitably leads to unemployment and/or large-scale cuts of workers’ hours. It also weeds out small business and only makes room for corporate stooges. Did you know that big corporations like Walmart actually lobby for increases in minimum wage? While they can keep up with it, small businesses can’t. They’re able to use big government to weed out free market competitors. So instead of a Walmart employee starting her own small business, she’s stuck working at Walmart because she can’t pay her own employee $15/hour. Even though that employee might be willing to work for a lower wage, he is not legally allowed to.

USAID: Aid? To governments like Saudi Arabia that we know for a fact fund terrorism, specifically 9/11? Aid? That largely doesn’t even go to aiding actual civilians, but instead just props up the corrupt governments that are run by warlords and are tied to terrorist organizations that want to kill us? Good idea. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia has paid Bill Clinton millions of dollars for speeches and has donated millions more to the Clinton Foundation. Same with Bahrain. Most foreign governments that saw an uptick in their USAID while Hillary was Secretary of State had conveniently donated millions to the Clinton Foundation and/or paid for Bill’s speeches. Read Clinton Cash, and you’ll get some highly disturbing insight into the real reasons behind any decisions the Clintons ever made.

Voting Rights Act, Marriage Equality, etc.: These are among the ridiculous ones I’m not even going to answer. Why? Because they have absolutely nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. She didn’t even support marriage equality (in fact, she was adamantly against it) until she realized it had become essential to garnering Democrat votes.

And finally, the Supreme Court isn’t supposed to judge politically. Its job is to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, not rewrite it. We don’t need liberal or conservative justices. We need law-abiding justices.


The Rational Millennial


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